Climate Forecast System (CFSv2) Ensemble Products - Weeks 3-4 500 hPa Height
The output on this site is based on a 20-member ensemble generated from the four daily CFS control runs (00, 06, 12, & 18 UTC) over the past five days. Output is updated as each cycle is processed, and is typically available approximately 15 hours after cycle time (e.g. output which includes the latest 00 UTC run is available around 15 UTC).

Details on the CFS can be found at

Highest 500 hPa Mean Height
Lowest 500 hPa Mean Height
Mean 500 hPa Mean Height
Highest 500 hPa Maximum Height
Lowest 500 hPa Maximum Height
500 hPa Maximum Height Spread
Lowest 500 hPa Minimum Height
Highest 500 hPa Minimum Height
500 hPa Minimum Height Spread
Mean 500 hPa Mean Height Anomalies
500 hPa Mean Height Spaghetti w/Climatology

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